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Batimetal Engineering & Construction at the forefront of quality requirements

Taking a trend to modern methods of management, Batimetal Engineering & Construction has been certified in September 2004 according to the standard ISO 9001 version 2000.

A sustained improvement of its quality management system, has permited to the company to be in touch with the certification in 2013 according to the ISO 9001/2008 repository.

Quality Policy

Facing the new market requirements, Batimetal Engineering & Construction came up with a new strategy to be much more competitive in order to maintain and enhance its market shares by improving its efficiency in matter of design and implementation.

The Batimetal Engineering & Construction quality management’s system have to be reafirmed as a powerful tool for projects management. It is the head engine that leads the continuous improvement of the quality of our services with a positive return to our customers and the management of our company.

At the present time, the forwardness of conducting our quality system according to ISO 9001 / 2008, has engaged our company to the following:

  • To satisfy any requirements requested by our clients bearing in mind their interests.
  • Planning and updating qualification and know how of our personnal in conjuction with our clients requirements.
  • Respecter les normes régissant notre activité.
  • Compliying to norms and standardisation that govern our activity, so that our company could respond to all necessary requests emanating from our clients.

Compliying to our commitment, our prospects will be:

  • To preserve and maintain our management system to high quality.
  • Be always in touch with our clients by supplying high quality services in its due time schedule.
  • Improve performance criteria: Organisation, Commercial relationship, Design, Procurement and implementation of projects.
This policy is to put in place all the necessary improvement to enhance our share market, and deal with all technical aspects as well as human relationship.

President General Manager
Mr.Ahmed Yazid TOUATI