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A trend strategy to the client

With  a  trend  to  a  new   strategy,  BATIMETAL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION  comes  up  with  taylor  made   solutions  to  new  projects  with  innovative  solutions  .  Listening  to  the  need  of  our  clients  , it  puts   forwards  the  multidisciplinary  experience  of  its  team  of  engineers  with  all   its means  with  innovative    a  high  grants    in design  and  implementation  of  projects,  such  as:

  • The different printing formats for drawing.
  • Design software and drawing.
  • Measuring topographic equipments monitors.
  • The technical documentation ( technical standard).
To the forefront of the world economy, BATIMETAL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is developing a strategy hinging around the fulfilment of the needs of its customers by offering a quality services according to professional standards.

Domains of activities :

  • Design of miscelaneous projects.
  • Predesign projects.
  • Design of architecture.
  • Design of electicity, fluids, air conditionning, detection and fire protection, telemonitoring.
  • Design in metallic steel structures engineering.
  • Design of reinforced concrete engineering.
  • Design and general data processing and implantation on site.
  • Management of projects ( technical coordination, following up realisation, technical advice etc…)
  • General constructions
  • Socio-educational buildings.
  • Tertiary buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Burkers for storage of wheats.
  • Refrigerated warehousses for agroalimentary products.
  • Agroalimentary complexes.
  • Design and Implementation ( Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
  • Socio-educational buildings.
  • Tertiary buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Refrigerated warehouses for agroalimentary products
  • Various capacity Tanks with fixed and floating roofs.